Hive Digital is committed to mental wellness.

Hive Digital was founded with the belief that business can be done, not based solely on revenue and profitability, but with a firm desire to support businesses that are helping to improve the lives of all those on the planet and our team members to live a more balanced, thriving life.

One of the ways of which we do that is by ensuring our team members have access to the resources and tools that need to facilitate their own mental well being in the form of meditation and mindfulness apps, required mental health days, commitment to a team-first mentality, mental well being internal seminars, flexible work hours, remote working model, and internal chats that include inspiration, humor, and perspective on current events.

Having intentionally woven mental well-being into our culture internally, we have also been supporting companies that support mental wellness helping online therapy providers, companies promoting mindfulness, mental health practices, a venture capital firm that invests in mental health companies, mobile apps, practice management solutions, an international entrepreneur network that supports mental health, meditation companies, and more to help increase traffic to their site and build exposure to their audience over the last decade.

Also as a part of our commitment, we recently presented a webinar on the effects our digital world is having on our mental wellness and how to utilize that same digital world to create a more healthy mental well-being by relating to its technology in a new way to bring more wholeness to your life.

Over the last year, while many have had to build structures to help support their employees during these trying times, Hive Digital simply had to reinforce and build on what was already there. A culture that supports the well-being of its team members and extended territory of influence. We are proud to have navigated this trying period with an element of grace and growth, thriving as an organization and as individual team members.

Hive Digital believes in business with a conscience and in today’s world businesses are busy fighting for domination in their industries and often cast aside their stated mission in favor of financial metrics. Hive Digital is focused on working together for a common goal with a different bottom line, a healthy and happy life for all.

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Partner with an agency that is both experienced and truly invested in your cause with Hive Digital for Mental Wellness, empowering your organization with award-winning strategy and methodologies.