Live blogging from the Internet Summit:

Serous Gam(es)(ification)

Randy Brown – Director of the Virtual Heroes Division, Applied Research Associates

Gamification is everywhere, even in the simplest loyalty programs, think Delta Skymiles.

Challenges for gamification are similar to education:

  • Retain customers (students)
  • Extend engagement with your brands (lessons)
  • Broadcast the users’ activities / achievements (scoreboards)
  • Provide rewards (certifications)
  • Increase clout / identity / recognition (educational advancement)
  • Make the activity fun
For serious games, target archetypes that work:
  • Guided tours
  • Scavenger hunts
  • Operational applications
  • Role playing
  • Critical incidents
  • Co-creation
  • Group forums
  • Breakout sessions
Approaches we’ve taken:
  • Achievements – creates a significant increase in “completionist” approach to the game
  • Early adoption game tech
  • Co-creation
  • Easter eggs
  • Free gameplay on top of Unreal Engine 3 technology
  • Created an internet meme

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Social + Gamification: The Engagement Catalyst
Craig Ferrara – Director, User Experience, Gigya

Key points:

Gamification applies to all industries

Implement game-like devices:

  • Achievements
  • Leaderboards
  • Notifications
Add to your user experience; games don’t have to feel like games (e.g. Skymiles)
Integration techniques: Start with the “Why?” – Create real world rewards.
The common misconception is that gamification is turning your websites into a series of badges.
You want to create challenges and reward behavior.

Social is important; closed systems aren’t effective. Engagement needs to generate new users.

Learning from Gamification:

Tend your gaming eco-system by setting base-line metrics and using analytics to measure adoption. Change incentives and UX components to increase or decrease adoption levels.

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