Facebook and Twitter Marketing

The Facebook Exchange Opportunity

Josh Nannen – Senior Director of Sales, Triggit

Early days of paid search are paralleling early days of FBX. FBX is retargeted advertising using Facebook.

How it works: someone puts a product in shopping cart but doesn’t complete transaction. FBX, when she comes back to Facebook, serves her up a compelling offer to lure her back to buy the item.

Facebook is a compelling advertising platform. 30-45B impressions per day. 60% of US Internet users are on Facebook.

Several methods:

Static creative: same basic ad no matter what part of your site the visitor was on.

FB Dynamic/Product-level Creative: build off a structured data feed to build ad copy for every product in catalog.

Rule sets/Segmentation: Somebody searches a travel site for a specific flight. Info is collected and can be used in ad targeting. Or upsell other services, such as book a hotel room. Can set rules, such as only serve up to two days before departure.

Dynamic ads average 7x CTR over static.

FBX ads get seen more than other retargeted ads, throughout the day, because people are always on Facebook.

Recency: Often find people within an hour. 15% within 15 minutes of leaving the site.

FBX ends the viewability debate. No “below the fold” problem. 1/3 the CPA of traditional retargeting.


Twitter Promoted Posts

Brent Herd – Director of Southeast Region, Twitter

Promoted Tweets

  • Used to be only able to buy by search terms. Sold on cost per engagement model: you pay if someone replies, RTs, clicks a link. 70-80% link clicks.
  • You can now target by followers and people who “look like” your followers. Recently rolled out promoted tweets to interests. Can now expand promoted tweets to rich media inline: photos, videos, live streams.

Promoted Accounts –¬†Designed to build a following for brands. Cost per follow. Will show accounts to people with relevant interests and recommend them as a follow.

Promoted Trends

  • Create a conversation around a hashtag.
  • New: Targeting on mobile. Right now target by OS, but more coming.

Question asked about Twitter disconnecting 3rd party apps. Brent said putting more rules and regs in place is part of a growing business. Just finally enforcing rules that were already in place.

Question about B2B. Twitter is launching a self-service ad platform for small businesses that will be fully up by next year. smallbusiness.twitter.com. media.twitter.com advertising.twitter.com

Question about design of Twitter home page not showing off best features of Twitter. Brent spoke about the trend of increased search in Twitter. They are trying to figure out what Twitter.com should really look like. It gets 4-5M unique visits each month right now. How do they surface the most relevant content to the right person at right time on home page is what they are thinking about.

Bridging the Expectation Gap with Your Facebook Audience

David Guy – CEO, LoudDoor

Brands who win in social media must move beyond surface metrics like “fans.” You don’t need fans; you need customers. Studies show what brand managers think customers want in social media and what their customers actually want don’t match.

Know who your FB fans are

Acquire fans who are in line with your social strategy.

Pair audience segmentation with messaging that meets their expectations

Move beyond surface metrics to metrics that measure consumer intent.