There’s always plenty of lively discussion in the social media world about Klout. Some think it’s great; some think it’s the devil incarnate.

If you’re tired of the Klout Wars, how about a really useful influence metric? If there’s one kind of person we all want to avoid, it’s the douchebag. Now there’s a new service to warn us who douches it up on Twitter…or if you ought to have a long, hard look in the mirror before that next tweet.

Introducing Klouchebag!



Just enter any Twiter handle and Klouchebag will give you a score, based on the ARSE system:  Anger: profanity and rage. Retweets: “please RT”s, no or constant retweeting, and old-style. Social Apps: every useless checkin on foursquare or its horrible brethren. And English Usage: if you use EXCLAMATION MARKS OMG!!! or no capitals at all, this’ll be quite high.

Klouchebag Score Too High? Try Twitter Score!

If your Klouchebag score made you out to be more of a douche than even your friends tell their friends you are, we can cheer you up and put your ego back on the pedestal where it belongs. Get your Twitter Score to measure your Twitter Awesomeness!


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