This is the second of a multi-part series.

We’re looking at insights the new AdWords section under Traffic Sources in Google Analytics that go beyond what you can see if you only look at reports within the AdWords interface itself. Today we’ll look at two similar reports: Campaigns and Keywords.

If you’re running eCommerce campaigns that you’ve lined to Google Analytics, the key value these reports bring to you is viewing revenue generated, either at the campaign or keyword level. This can aid you in making judgments about which campaigns and keywords are most actually generating good ROI for your efforts.

When viewing these reports, be sure to experiment with the different views and drop-down menu choices available. For example, the “comparison” view (fourth button from the left among the “views” buttons) gives you a quick visual of how much traffic each of your keywords is generating compared to the site average. The default in this view is number of visits, but using the drop-down menu just above the bar graphs, you can compare other metrics, such as bounce rate, pages/visit, average time on site, and goal completions.