In Google Profiles and Reputation Management – Part 1, I made a case for why building a Google Profile should be a central part of establishing a positive online presence (i.e. “reputation management”). Today let’s look at a second, but probably equally worthwhile, benefit of Google Profiles: free PageRank “juice” to your sites.

Possibly as an incentive to get you to create a Google Profile, Google gives you a free gift for putting links on your profile: the links are NOT no follow. This means that as profiles gain PageRank themselves (and I believe they will), they will pass along some of that ranking power to whatever you link from your Profile page.

How best to take advantage of this? Use some of the “bio” portion of the Profile to talk about your web site(s), your company, what your company does or services you provide, etc. Using the little chain link button on the bio editing window, you can make these links to relevant pages on sites you or your company control. Be sure to make the linking text relevant to the page content!