“You get what you pay for” is usually a pretty good dictum to follow. But the Internet often negates that truism. Certainly one of the most startling aspects of 21st century life, if you stop to think about it, is the amount of free resources available on the web.

So it amused me yesterday when I overheard a couple of young entrepeneurs enthusing about an application they had just purchased. It promised to help them find and follow large numbers of Twitter users based on topics they tweet about. They were thrilled that it got them 60 new followers the first day. And they only paid $300 for it!

I went back to my office and checked my results for a TwitSeeker search I had setup before going to lunch. It had found me over 180 pre-qualified Twitter followers while I chewed my Jamaican jerk chicken.

$300 versus free…where’s my calculator so I can figure the ROI?

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