Second Page Poaching API

This API will capture 2nd page rankings on your site and increase PageRank flow to those pages with the right anchor text in order to push them to Page 1. This free version will only do this for your 10 most popular pages ranking in positions #11 or #12 in Google.



Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I Need PHP
    To use the pre-made script, yes. However, you can rewrite the script in nearly any language you like, as long as it is processed server-side so that Google can see the results.

  • I Get Errors
    There are a couple of probable errors. Your server might now allow file_get_contents() to access a remote site. If that is the case, you will have to use cURL or fsockopen.

  • Why Do I Not Have Any Links Yet
    It takes time for you to acquire enough second page traffic for it to work. To make sure it is working, you can view-source and look for <!-- No Links Yet -->

  • I Viewed Source and Didn't See That
    Either it is incorrectly installed, or it is possible that your Inbound Domain IP is different from your Outbound. Email me (russ at if you are still having trouble at this point.

  • How Can I Speed it Up
    We recommend that you cache the results of at least daily and read from the cached location, rather than making a new query every time. This will give the script time to generate a new list and will speed up your pages

  • 10 is not enough
    Our paid API is much more liberal. Send a contact request using the form on the right to request access.