Jacob Stewart

In his personal life, Jake is a devoted family man, often found spending quality time with his two children. He has a love for travel, video gaming, and reading, boasting a personal library in his house. His areas of expertise, including holistic marketing strategy, cross-functional project management, and user journey mapping, make him an invaluable asset to Hive Digital and its clients.

Jake Stewart joined Hive Digital in 2023 as the Director of Marketing, bringing a wealth of experience and a dynamic approach to the role. His expertise spans SEO, digital advertising, user experience (UX), content development, and mapping digital customer journeys. A writer at his core, Jake’s comprehensive understanding of digital marketing allows him to effectively collaborate with a variety of clients to achieve diverse marketing objectives.

Jake’s career began in journalism, giving him a unique perspective on storytelling and audience engagement. In 2010, he transitioned to academia, further broadening his skill set and understanding of communication. By 2016, he pivoted to in-house digital marketing, eventually leading internal teams by 2019. This diverse background, including client-side experience, equips Jake with an insightful understanding of marketing team dynamics and their role in business growth.

His passion extends beyond his professional duties. Jake is deeply committed to continuing education and public safety, actively participating in organizations that positively impact young people, including various clubs and youth athletics coaching.

You can contact Jacob via the following:
Email: [email protected]
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/jacob-stewart/

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