Adam Sumner

Adam’s zest for life extends to numerous hobbies and extreme sports. He’s an enthusiast of skateboarding, snowboarding, rock climbing, and making music. His love for the outdoors is evident in his hiking adventures. Additionally, Adam is deeply committed to meditation and mindfulness, not only practicing them himself but also sharing their benefits with friends and colleagues. This holistic approach to life and work makes Adam a unique and cherished member of the Hive Digital team, bringing a blend of professional rigor and personal passions to everything he does.

Adam is a vital member of the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and project management teams at Hive Digital. His role is pivotal in maintaining strong, communicative relationships with our clients, embodying our mission to foster close partnerships. Adam’s dedication to client service is not just a professional commitment but a reflection of our company’s core values.

In his multifaceted role, Adam has honed his skills in professionalism and organization. He contributes significantly to various aspects of our operations, from participating in the sales cycle to handling small optimization tasks. His efforts in expanding our company culture and leading volunteer initiatives demonstrate his versatile and dynamic approach to his work.

Beyond his responsibilities in project management and aiding consultants, Adam manages a record label and art collective named ’47 Eyez On Me’. His passion for music and art is a significant part of his life, often found engaging in local concerts and art events. These interests are not just hobbies for Adam; they are integral to his identity and creativity.

You can contact Adam via the following:
Email: [email protected]

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