Increase Organic Traffic: The Financial Institution Technical SEO Case Study

Complimentary Case Study

Hive Digital provided detailed recommendations and directions on how to better optimize the banking website for search engine rankings, which included a review of site structure, content, and other on-site factors. We drilled down even further with content briefs that gave specific keyword and topic recommendations for pages that were not performing well to ensure that they were topically relevant to the particular search query. Additionally, we provided recommendations for navigation consistency, internal linking, JavaScript handling & page rendering, and local strategy to support branch & mortgage professional pages.

Many of these issues are commonplace for many large and small businesses’ websites. Hive Digital utilizes targeted analysis of a website to ensure not only best practices are followed, but any and all technical issues are identified and a roadmap is established for internal or external development teams can implement the solutions. Lastly, we employ a wide array of tools such as Screaming Frog, SEMrush, Ahrefs, Sitebulb, MarketMuse, Clearscope, and many other tools to ensure that our technical analyses and recommendations are to the fullest extent possible.

Download our case study to learn how Hive Digital approaches efforts to increase organic traffic with technical SEO.


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