Twylah may be the best yet online upgrade to the default interface, particularly if you’re desiring to build interactivity with your account and the brand it represents.

Twylah automatically collects all your tweets on a nicely-branded, blog-like page. When you send out a tweet via Twylah, the program automatically appends a link to the end of the tweet that brings the clicker to your personal Twylah page (which has a Twitter-style URL, e.g., And this is where Twylah starts to beat out the Twitter home page in a number of interesting ways.

  • Twylah presents your twitter stream, with a column to the right that displays the content of any link in the highlighted Tweet. Visitors get a chance to preview the content before clicking through.
  • More importantly, every clicker is exposed to all of your recent content.
  • More importantly to that, Twylah automatically creates a series of tabs above the stream that contain the main keywords you use in your tweets. Clicking one of those tabs reveals all your tweets on that subject. Automatic indexing of your Twitter feed!
  • Twylah threads conversations generated from your tweets.
  • Twylah offers four different views of your feed:
    • Home shows your tweet stream alongside the stream of your followers.
    • My Twylah Blog shows your tweets with any conversations (in threaded form) they generated right along side.
    • My Stream shows your followers’ tweets, with a handy reply box for whichever one you highlight
    • My Mentions shows any tweets that mention your twitter name, again with a reply box right at hand.
  • For the latter two views, Twylah’s indexing tabs change to your followers most-used keywords, a very useful “listening” tool.

Any or Twylah’s views of your Twitter streams can be further filtered to show only tweets with conversations, or tweets with articles or videos attached.

The video below gives a nice overview of Twylah’s features and what the pages actually look like.

Meet Twylah – She creates a blog out of your tweets from krystlecho on Vimeo.