LDA Content Optimizer
This tool determines your LDA relevancy score for a particular URL and keyword. The tool then spiders your page and top ranking pages for that keyword to determine Colocated terms that you have not included in your page. The tool then re-checks your LDA score if you were to include those keywords on your page to determine the potential increase in relevancy.
Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Good Score?
    The onTopic score asks the following question: what is the likelihood that your content will be more related to your keywords than a random document. If you have a score of 85%, that means that 15% of the time a random article will be more relevant than your content. You should strive to create an onTopic score of 99% or greater.

  • My Scores Changed Since Last Time
    The onTopic score is based on an English language model that we rebuild from time to time. It is possible that your score has changed because of this. Additionally, we greatly modified how the score is created on February 27th, 2011, so you should expect to see different scores from before that date.

  • Should I Update My Content if the Score Doesn't Change?
    Ultimately, you should be writing content for your readers. Don't add keywords just for the sake of adding keywords. Look at the recommended list and see if there are words or phrases that make sense in your document which you have not yet added. You can always increase your score by fractions of a point, but you shouldn't sacrifice the value of your copy just to push up your score slightly.