SEO Experiments and other Random Stuffs

This page isn’t really meant for the public to be reading or checking out.  If you see it… then its probably because you were snooping around or clicked on some link we tried to kind of hide somewhere.   In fact, the only reason this page has any text at all is just to make sure that for some reason it doesn’t get discarded as worthless because it only has a couple of links on it.    We’ll see what happens, but typically these pages are created so we can encourage Google to crawl them and discover whatever little interesting nuggets we’ve planted on the other side.   Typically these are experiments related to indexing rules.. e.g. is meta description content indexed and surfacable in search results, if I hide content behind tabs will it still show up in search results, etc.    Most of the pages we link to also often have random strings of text to help us identify if/where these specific content pieces are discovered.

Please don’t copy these pages or link to them from anywhere.  If you want to try and “help” our experiments, you can always link to this page 🙂

Running Experiments

Ended Experiments